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Jomar Service Visits

By December 2, 2013September 23rd, 2019Jomar News

Jomar offers customers the opportunity to have their equipment evaluated by our highly-trained service technicians.  Our team will conduct a thorough survey of the machine and submit a detailed report to you explaining the status of the machine’s functions.

Jomar recognizes that even the best in-house maintenance departments can overlook some of the critical procedures that are required to keep your injection blow mold machine in top condition and producing as many parts as it should.

A service visit from one of our technicians in advance of something going wrong saves you money by correcting problems before expensive damage is done.  It will provide you with the security and confidence that your machine has been correctly serviced and that you’ve taken the rights steps to ensure its durability and output.  It also allows you to budget for maintenance services and repairs ahead of time.

Our technicians will perform checks including:

  • Check the transfer shaft/hub and drive hub for wear
  • Check for hydraulic, pneumatic and water leaks
  • Check the electrical system for proper operation
  • Review machine functions and safeties
  • Check for needed ANSI upgrades

It’s not uncommon for properly maintained Jomar injection blow machines to last thirty or forty years, so preventative maintenance will pay for itself many times over. The basic cost of a Jomar service trip is $1,000 per eight-hour day, plus all expenses and travel time.  Please note that the rates have not changed in over 6 years.

Contact the Service Department  at (609) 646-8000 or for more information and to schedule a visit.