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Jomar Model 25

The Model 25 is the smallest in the Jomar line of machines. It was specifically engineered to process PET and to increase cavitation possibilities from the Model 15 without a large increase in capital expenditure.

The size of the machine required and the number of cavities that can be installed on that machine depends on two main criteria: the ability to clamp the preform mold during packing without flashing the preform, and the number of blown bottles that can fit within the operational distances on the trigger bar situated in the transfer table.

A Jomar representative will help you through the process of machine selection, but please note the figures for clamp tonnage, trigger bar lengths and other details below.

Downloadable Specifications

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Standard Features

  • Programmable control system with touch screen
  • Screw speed tachometer
  • Running time recorder
  • Alarm system (visual and audible)
  • Two pressure blow air
  • High and Low plastifier temperature alarms
  • Cycle Time indicator
  • Preform hot water manifold
  • Blow mold cooling manifold
  • Choice of Plastifier Screws: General purpose for PE, PS and PP or special screws for PVC, PP and PET
  • Laser Electric preform detector
  • Current ANSI/EC safety standards
  • Integrated Heat Controls
  • Resettable Cycle counter
  • Retains 30 sets of process parameters
  • Internal and External Cooling


  • Bottle Orientating stripper system (B.O.S.S.)
  • BOSS plus with vacuum
  • Ceramic heater bands
  • Machine color finishes to customer specification
  • Rotary Union for core rod temperature control
  • WYE Delta electric motor start
  • One Year Spare Parts kit
  • Non split nozzle
  • Color touch screen that is capable of screen print to a printer
  • Automatic Air System Drain
  • Barrel fan cooling
  • Air intensifiers
  • HEPA filters

Machine Dimensions

Description US Metric
Length: 81″ 206 cm
Width: 52″ 132 cm
Height – With 1.125″ (28.57mm) 27:1 screw: 100″ 254 cm
Installed Weight: 3,710lbs 1,683kgs

Production Possibilities

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