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Jomar Injection Blow Mold Tooling

By December 18, 2013Jomar News

Jomar Tooling Saves You Money 

Increasingly, customers are turning to Jomar for tooling, as well as for the company’s injection blow molding machinery. Tooling and process engineering are interrelated and represent the key to successful projects and profitability.

In most instances, a new production tool, when run for the very first time, will produce containers that do not meet with approvals. Inevitably, there are adjustments that have to be made to achieve the correct dimensional stability, consistent wall distribution, and shot-to-shot repeatability.

Temperatures, pressures, and speeds all have a direct effect on parts quality. It can take weeks or even months to reach the optimum process. Molders know that no definitive “how to” guide or instruction manual on the injection blow molding process exists, only general guidelines.

A do-it-yourself approach to tooling means countless hours spent hunting for the right combination of molding parameters. It means committing key people to stand in front of a machine for days trying to pinpoint essential process data, while likely spending excessively on wasted resin.

Customers who order tooling from Jomar can be assured of the following: process development by experienced and trained technicians working in concert with Jomar’s on-staff tool designers; properly conducted unit cavity testing; full testing of production tool unit until approved by the customer; and finally, delivery of a tool that is ready to run.

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