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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to some of the questions frequently asked of Jomar. If you don’t find it below, please contact the sales department for answers to your specific question.

Will the Jomar IBM process be suitable for my product?

The Jomar Injection Blow Moulding (IBM) is the preferred process for the production of fully finished bottles with controlled neck finishes, consistent weight and even wall distribution where higher quantities are required – usually of over 2 million per year.

How does Jomar support machine sales in distant and new countries?

Jomar’s policy for over 45 years has been to use globally sourced components that are recognized around the world as the highest quality available for that job. In order for our customers to purchase locally, we maintain a list of agents for the parts we use so that we can put you in touch with someone locally, immediately. We also maintain a considerable inventory of machine components at our service offices, that can be shipped to our customers in most cases the same day we are alerted to a problem. We also supply a 1 year spare parts package that we have developed to keep your machine in operation at all times. The service department can answer your service and parts questions. simply email them at

Where can I get process and maintenance training for my personnel in order to get the best from my Jomar machine?

We invite all of our customers to visit our manufacturing plant during the machine-testing period for training by your technicians. We also perform training at our customer’s plant at the time of the machine installation and start-up. On request, we can also arrange training expressly for a customer at our plant or at their plant. For more details, see our training page.

What is the delivery time for a Jomar machine?

Jomar injection blow molding machines are normally available 14 weeks from the receipt of a purchase order and deposit. However, if you have an urgent requirement, the flexibility of the Jomar’s production schedule may make it possible to reduce this lead time considerably. Also, we may have development machines on special offer. Contact the sales department for details.

How many cavities can I run on a Jomar machine?

This depends on many factors including the actual size of the product, the neck size, the material and grade processed, the required hourly output etc.  It is necessary to maintain a specific distance between the cavities to allow for cooling channels in the mold, which determines the center distance needed. The machine model will also dictate the number of cavities ie: small machine less cavities, large machine more cavities. We would suggest that you contact our sales office for technical assistance or complete the inquiry form.

Why a vertical plastifier?

The vertical plastifier has been an integral part of Jomar injection blow molding machines from their conception and is a low energy, cost effective system with the ability to process a wide range of materials used for producing injection blow molded products WITHOUT CHANGING THE SCREW! Other screws are available for optimum processing of specific materials. More information on the application of the vertical plastifier is available here.

Can one preform make different bottles?

The preform defines the neck detail, weight and overall height of the final bottle. Changes to blow mold shape, provided it fits in the blow mold block width can be accommodated. This can include slight ovalization, panels and changes to the shoulder area. With quick connectors it is possible to change a blow mold in a Jomar injection blow molding machine in less than one hour. If alternative bottles are required, it should be specified at the start of a project so that it can be incorporated in the mold design.

Can PET be processed on Jomar machines?

Yes, PET is currently being processed on Jomar injection blow molding machines. In fact, Jomar has developed a machine specifically intended to run PET and then revert to more common materials for IBM such as HDPE and PP, the TechnoDrive 65 PET.
For your own specific inquiry, please contact your local Jomar representative who will advise you in greater detail on this requirement.

More than half of the injection blow mold machines in use throughout the world today were built by Jomar.
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