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Jomar refurbished machines are built to last…again.

In addition to the entire range of new Jomar machines, Jomar is now selling refurbished machines for immediate delivery. In some cases, these models are half the price of a new machine.

Processors who were unable to participate in the injection blow mold industry because of high capital expenditures can now enter the industry at a lower cost. This has been a particularly successful strategy for companies in emerging markets. As a result, for the first time in company history, Jomar has staff members who exclusively work on restoring older machines.

Jomar processes these machines through its shop and returns them to top running condition. A list of all the new parts used in the rebuild is provided. Jomar replaces any parts that are worn or are not performing correctly. In most cases, new clamp cylinders, screws and barrels are installed.

All new parts are under warranty for 90 days. Jomar will not warranty wear items such as nozzles, heater bands etc. nor will it guarantee the main frame.

All machines are brought up to ANSI/OSHA safety standards and can be CE certified.

The company also offers tooling separately or as a turnkey system.

What happens to a machine when it gets refurbished?

Jomar refurbishes machines for customers and for resale. If we are able to identify a Jomar injection blow mold machine that we consider a good candidate to be rebuilt, we’ll recover it and prepare it for resale. We won’t complete the job just yet because each Jomar is customized for a particular customer’s need, but we’ll identify the parts that need to be replaced.

Jomar machines that come in for refurbishment are immediately stripped down to the frame. All the parts are cleaned and evaluated by a staff that is especially trained in older-model machines. We then rebuild the machine using a combination of new parts and original parts that pass inspection. Most of the machines that are recovered have already been in service from 25-30 years and are now prepared to run production for another 30 years. Contact our sales department to see if your Jomar machine is suitable for refurbishment or to check our inventory of machines ready for resale.

More than half of the injection blow mold machines in use throughout the world today were built by Jomar.
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