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Jomar Servo-Hydraulic Machines

The IntelliDrive™ Series

The new Jomar IntelliDrive™ Series of injection blow molding (IBM) machines are a tremendous leap forward in the world of plastics processing. Harnessing the best attributes of both electric and hydraulic machines, the Jomar IntelliDrive™ Series of IBM machines use servo-driven hydraulics to achieve the energy savings and precision of electric machines, yet retain the robust strength and economical replacement costs of hydraulic components.

The Jomar IntelliDrive™ Series of IBM machines consume 40-50% less energy than standard hydraulic machines and save money on other utility costs too. They require 40% less hydraulic oil than standard machines and emit less heat, so they require far less cooling tower water and air conditioning to keep them cool.

Besides increasing profits with lower utility costs, the Jomar IntelliDrive™ Series of IBM machines actually have a faster open-transfer-close time than standard hydraulic machines, culminating in faster cycle times. The Jomar IntelliDrive™ Series of IBM machines deliver rugged performance combined with higher output and decreased costs per bottle.

Advantages of the IntelliDriveSeries

  • 40-50% energy savings*
  • 30-month or 15,000-hour warranty on hydraulics**
  • 40% less hydraulic oil required
  • Inexpensive components compared to all-electric
  • Less system heat dissipation
  • Reduced noise
  • Lower production costs
  • Faster dry cycle time compared to standard machine
  • Prolonged mold life
  • Prolonged oil life
  • Same small footprint as standard Jomar
  • Less tower water required
  • Reduced vibration
  • Higher RPM through volumetric efficiencies
  • Reinforced main platen
  • Less downtime

IntelliDrive™ Model 85S

Preform Clamp: 76 US Tons

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IntelliDrive™ Model 135

Preform Clamp: 135 US Tons

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IntelliDrive™ Model 175

Preform Clamp: 175 US Tons

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Jomar RPM

Some of the benefits of the Jomar IntelliDrive™ Series of IBM machines are derived from the unique motor that drives the plasitifier. As opposed to a vane motor used in the standard Jomar hydraulic machine, the Jomar IntelliDrive™ Series of IBM machines use a radial piston motor, the first time such a motor has been used in this application. Traditionally used in heavy machinery for mining, agriculture and construction, radial piston motors optimize the relationship between the pistons, rollers and cam profile to create a motor that has tremendous volumetric efficiency and high power density. They are also known for their long service life and ability to withstand some of the detrimental side-effects of production such as shock and being over-energized.

Jomar customers running engineering-grade resins or those that use the non-split method of filling the cavities will appreciate the greater torque from the stalled hydraulic motor and customers running at maximum output will certainly notice the extra RPM generated by the motor.

Retrofit Available

The Jomar IntelliDrive™ Series of IBM machines utilize the same frame and have the same footprint as the standard hydraulic machines, which presents numerous opportunities for retrofits. Every existing Jomar machine is viable for some degree of retrofit.

One level of retrofit that applies to all Jomars would be to replace the existing plastifier motor with Jomar’s radial piston motor. Customers would experience greater volumetric efficiencies and require less tower water to cool the hydraulic system. They would also experience increased screw speed of 4-8% and increased reliability without huge replacement costs. This retrofit can actually be executed in the field without the aid of Jomar technicians.

Higher levels of retrofit would require the machine to be returned to Jomar for evaluation and service, but many machines are capable of accepting the servo drive system, which would create energy savings and renewed life to even some of the oldest Jomars. Contact the Jomar sales office for details.

More than half of the injection blow mold machines in use throughout the world today were built by Jomar.
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