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Jomar Inquiries

The Jomar sales staff is happy to help you with your inquiries about the injection blow molding process and Jomar injection blow molding equipment. Along with every Jomar machine comes over 45 years of experience and the knowledge that comes from successfully completing thousands of projects. Let our expertise work for you.

Helpful Information

In order for us to determine the appropriate machinery for you, we’ll need the following information:

  • Dimensions of the bottle you wish to make (Overall height, width & neck OD minus threads).
  • Number of bottles per year.
  • Your resin selection.
  • Number of hours per year that your factory is operating.
  • Do you also need a mold?

The most helpful piece of information would be a fully-detailed product drawing that indicates the gram weight.

Jomar Sales

If you have a specific project and would like more information about Jomar machinery and tooling or just want to know more about the injection blow molding process, please fill out the form below and we’ll contact you. You can also contact the Sales Department directly by clicking here.


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    More than half of the injection blow mold machines in use throughout the world today were built by Jomar.
    Contact us today to put our 50 years of industry expertise to work!
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