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Intrusion Molding with the Jomar Vertical Plastifier

“INTRUSION” molding is where the melt pressure required to fill the preform cavities is created by screw rotation in the vertical barrel only. There is no secondary horizontal screw or ram. This is exactly what happens with the  Jomar vertical plastifier.

The benefits of intrusion are lower melt pressures and temperatures with consequently less stress and lower melt temperature in the preform.

The screw rotates longer to fill the cavity and therefore smaller diameter screws can be used compared to the same output in horizontal injection blow machines.

An additional benefit is that less energy will be required on the vertical plastifier for the same shot weight of plastic.

Benefits of the Vertical Plastifier

  • Uses less energy than a reciprocating screw
  • lower melt temperatures
  • Space savings
  • Easy operation, only two settings to control
  • Shot to shot repetition
  • Reciprocating screws usually empty after each shot, the vertical is filled with several shots of homogeneous material
More than half of the injection blow mold machines in use throughout the world today were built by Jomar.
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