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AE 50 S (55 Tons)

Accumulator Head Extrusion Blow Molding Machine

For the production of plastic containers and technical products.

Downloadable Specifications

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General Specifications

Description US Metric
Clamp Force: 55 US tons 500 kN
Air Pressure: 116 psi

8 bar

Air Consumption (Estimated):

159 cfm

4500 lt/min

Hydraulic Cooling Capacity:

99,140 btu/hr

25,000 kcal/hr

Mold Cooling Capacity:

178,452 btu/hr

45,000 kcal/hr

Water Cooling Pressure (Min):

58 psi

4 bar

Total Power Installed (Estimated): 193 kW 193 kW
Dimensions: 150.6 x 267.7 x 206.7 inches 3570 x 6800 x 5250 mm
Total Weight: 83,790 lbs 38,000 kg

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