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Remote access to Jomar machines

By October 4, 2016August 14th, 2018Jomar News

Jomar Corp is pleased to announce another major advancement to their lines of injection blow molding machines. Jomar IBM machines now have the capability to export real-time data directly from the machine. This new system is currently available as an option for Jomar and is installed on the new Jomar IntelliDrive Model 85S IBM machine that will be on display at this year’s K show.
This function will allow the machine to transmit data to both the customer’s internal staff as well as the Jomar service team. The Jomar service department can troubleshoot the machine remotely as well as perform updates to the machine’s PLC. This will drastically reduce the cost of service by potentially eliminating the need to have technicians visit the plant and will also reduce possible down time.
The communication is established through an outbound connection across the plant’s LAN. It is isolated from the internet and potential outside influences by a private and secure IP address which is compliant with most firewall protocols and best-practices for IT security.
This connectivity is available as an option on all new Jomars featuring the Compact Logic PLC as well as some older Jomars. For more information, contact the Jomar sales department.