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quick change cylinder mounts

By August 30, 2016August 14th, 2018Jomar News
new mounting system for Jomar preform cylinders

new mounting system for Jomar preform cylindersJomar engineers have recently developed a system to reduce the time required for preform cylinder service and maintenance on larger Jomar machines.

On Jomar Models 85S, 135 and 175, where there are three cylinders forming the preform clamp, the cylinders are mounted to a plate that needs to be lifted out in order to service or replace the cylinders. The consequence was that even if one of the outboard cylinders required attention, all three cylinders including the center cylinder, would have to be removed. This was often a time-consuming process.

With the new mounting system, the cylinders can be removed individually, making it easier to access and service any of the three cylinders. This should lead to decreased maintenance and service time.

Feedback for the new mounting system has been overwhelmingly positive, resulting in the decision to make it standard in all Jomar machines with three preform cylinders for 2017.

Jomar has also had tremendous results with the new dual seal kit for cylinders, which have drastically reduced the occurrence of cylinder leaks and have also been made standard on new Jomar machines for 2017. Both the dual seal kit and quick change cylinder mounting system are available as retrofit kits for older machines.

Contact the Jomar Service Department for details.