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Jomar new screw design

By May 24, 2017August 14th, 2018Jomar News

Jomar announces the release of a new barrier screw design intended for the 2.5” 270-gram plastifier. This new screw has been proven to improve the mixing of the material and may decrease the presence of blemishes or black spots in the product.

This new modern barrier design features innovations to a standard barrier screw. In development and testing for almost two years, this screw has been observed to be a marked improvement over the standard screw.

In one test where the standard screw was used, cracks were observed in the corners of the bottle’s base and streaks were found in the panels of the bottle. Without changing any of the process parameters but only switching the screw, both the cracks and the streaks were eliminated, indicating improved mixing of the material.

Jomar arranged for this screw to be used in production for over one year. In addition to the improved mixing described above, the new screw practically eliminated the presence of blemishes and black spots in the bottle. The screw was used in an environment where strict rules for machine maintenance and hygiene are observed, but even in this setting, there were occasional black spots. Again, without changing any procedures but only changing the screw, the rejection of bottles due to black spots were reduced to almost none.

Jomar endorses this new screw for the 2.5” 270-gram plastifier and will likely follow suit with other sizes of this screw as testing is completed.

To order this new barrier screw, contact the Jomar Parts Department and reference part # 22862.