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TechnoDrive 65 Injection Blow Molding Machine

By December 5, 2017August 14th, 2018Jomar News

injection blow moldingJomar is pleased to announce the launch of a new injection blow molding machine called the TechnoDrive 65 IBM. This machine is the high-speed, high-production version of the Jomar Model 65. The TechnoDrive 65 is Jomar’s most popular machine size for India and Asia.

TechnoDrive 65 IBM machines have a dry cycle time of only 1.8 seconds, a full second faster than the standard hydraulic Jomar 65. The standard hydraulic Jomar 65 is already among the fastest IBM machines in comparable sizes. This high-yield machine further widens the gap and increases Jomar’s lead for having the highest output per square foot among injection blow mold machines.

The TechnoDrive 65 IBM uses a closed loop cylinder system. This allows the clamps to move with vastly improved speed and accuracy. The cylinders are no longer hammering at the top or bottom of the stroke. This prolongs the lifespan of both the molds and cylinder seals.

The closed loop system works in conjunction with proportional valves that create a smooth, fast stroke that can stop at mold touch, then complete the clamping force required to make bottles.

Carlos Castro, President of Jomar said “The advent of the TechnoDrive 65 is a direct result of the success of our IntelliDrive series, which debuted in 2016. They’re both using technologies that reduce the overall cycle time as well as improve the duration of tooling and machine parts. It’s a significant leap forward for the industry.”

All TechnoDrive machines come with remote access capabilities. This allows Jomar’s Service department to connect to the machine via the internet. It also has a radial piston motor to drive the plastifier. This type of motor has extremely efficient volumetric displacement and can withstand the rigors of numerous starts, stops and reversals that are a part of the injection blow molding process.

The main motor of the TechnoDrive has been replaced with a new motor. A motor that can generate true 50 horsepower output at 50 Hz. This is ideal for the Asian and Indian markets.

The TechnoDrive is capable of delivering 41 grams per second of HDPE or similar resin. The machine can accommodate molds that require a total shot size of up to 205 grams. It fills in 5 seconds. The TechnoDrive delivers high production at a cost comparable to the standard Jomar Model 65.

To find out more about the TechnoDrive 65 IBM machines, contact the Jomar directly at

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