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Jomar Corp. Marks 50th Anniversary as Leading Manufacturer of Injection Blow Molding (IBM) Machinery

By August 22, 2019Jomar News

Jomar Corp. is celebrating its 50th anniversary as a leading global manufacturer of injection blow molding (IBM) machinery for the pharmaceutical, healthcare, personal care, beauty, food, beverage, and household products industries. The company – founded by a former Wheaton Industries employee, Joseph Johnson, and his wife Mary – has grown from humble beginnings to its current position as a strategic global machine supplier.

During the past half century, some of the world’s most recognized consumer brands such as Gerber’s, Crayola, Merck, P&G, Unilever, Avon, and Goya have chosen Jomar for their packaging needs. Today, Jomar is headquartered in a 42,000-sq-ft facility in southern New Jersey and has sold over 2500 machines worldwide. The company is solely focused on injection blow molding and is known as one of the world’s leading experts on IBM technology and recognized for its turnkey solutions and unmatched service and after sales support.

“Our success has been built by a highly talented workforce that continually innovates and leads our company to new heights in terms of productivity, service, and growth,” said Carlos Castro, Jomar president. “We‘ve been relentless in the search for new technology, producing unique machine solutions that boost productivity and performance, and always staying focused on delivering best-in-class service and support to our customers.”

Jomar’s original design philosophy was to make a machine that was simple to operate and built to withstand production conditions for decades. The company builds injection blow molding machines from 20 to 175 tons, which can make bottles from 1ml to 2 liters. Jomar machines produce higher quality containers due to several unique factors including ultra-fast indexing speed and accuracy, integral microprocessor controls, and the company’s trademark vertical plastifier, one of the distinguishing features of a Jomar machine. The vertical plastifier reduces the energy required for production while also maintaining Jomar’s small footprint.

The company’s IBM machines have continued to evolve with the latest technology like the new Jomar IntelliDriveTM Series, a next-generation IBM machine series that incorporates a unique custom-designed servo-driven hydraulic system. The IntelliDriveTM Series delivers major improvements in energy consumption, output, and performance while also maintaining the machine’s footprint. The Jomar IntelliDrive series features precise servo-driven hydraulics that reduces energy consumption by 40%-50% and boasts a dry cycle time of 1.8 sec. which is the fastest in the industry. The combination of high output and small footprint gives the IntelliDriveTM Series the highest output per sq ft of any injection blow molding machine in the industry.

“We don’t get the easy projects,” said Ron Gabriele, Sales Manager for Jomar. “Our customers rely on our experience and expertise for the most challenging applications that require complex geometry and functionality.”

Today, Jomar is exploring digital technologies including Industry 4.0. The company’s machines are being equipped with new capabilities that extract more data from the machine and seamlessly connect with the customer for optimum performance, productivity, and maximum data exchange throughout the value chain.

The company was incorporated in 1968 by Joseph Johnson and his wife Mary, thus the name Jomar. Johnson was a design engineer for Wheaton and was responsible for their injection blow molding department. Johnson left Wheaton, improved the machine, and started Jomar. The company he founded built the first commercially-viable, completely integrated injection blow molding machines available to the plastics industry.

In 1978, Jomar was purchased by Inductotherm Industries of Rancocas, N.J., a privately-held company now known as Indel Inc. which has built more than half of the induction furnaces in the world.