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2020 tooling maintenance offer

By March 20, 2020Jomar News
Jomar injection blow mold tool

Jomar Tool Refurbishment Special

For a limited time, Jomar is making a special offer to perform the preventive maintenance necessary to keep your mold running in mint condition.

The following services are included:

Parison Cavities

  • Strip, polish & re-chrome molding areas
  • Open Nozzle to next diameter
  • Recut O ring pockets (if required)
  • Clean all water lines

Parison Neck Rings

  • Strip, polish & re-chrome

Price for parison assembly rework: $550 per cavity

Blow Mold Cavities

  • Re-seam parting lines
  • Re-blast all molding areas
  • Rework all vents
  • Recut O rings pockets (if required)
  • Clean all water lines

Blow Mold Neck Rings

  • Polish, re-chrome/blast molding areas

Price for Blow mold assembly rework: $450 per cavity

Core Rod Assembly

  • Strip, repolish & rechrome

Price: $125 each

Manifold Assembly

  • Resurface front side
  • Regrind all nozzle clamps
  • Replace all nozzles

Price: $750

Bottom Plugs

  • Re-dome molding area
  • Polish and re-blast molding areas

Price: Included

Also Included

  • General clean-up of all components
  • General clean up of die sets
  • Replace all O rings and screws
  • General recondition of side plates
  • Reassembly and initial alignment

Price: $1,000

Additional repair work including welding NOT included

 If you are interested, please contact the Jomar Sales Department for lead times and other details at